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Medical Coding Course

Medical Coding course in UAE

Boost your Skills in Medical Coding Profession from Skill Boost Training Center in Abu Dhabi. Our training will help in

  • Understand Medical Terminologies & diagnosis codes.
  • Learn about significance of Medical lows & standards as per DOH .
  • Understand various ICD Codes authorized from DOH
  • Get Certified in CPC Medical Coding (CPC)

Overview Of Medical Coding Training in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Medical coding is the process of taking a patient’s health care information like medical procedures, diagnosis, necessary medical equipment, and medical services information from the physician’s notes. A medical coder transforms this information into universal medical alphanumeric codes

Get ready to jump-start your career and learn valuable Coding skills from Skill Boost Center’s leading Medical Coding Course in Abu Dhabi

Importance of Learning Medical Coding

Medical coding is one of the most important aspects of the healthcare industry. It is responsible for translating patient information into a universal language that can be understood by insurance companies and other medical professionals. This information is used to generate bills and track payments.

Why Choose Skill Boost Training Center for Medical Coding in Abu Dhabi?


Skill Boost Training Center is one of the Reputed training institutes in Abu Dhabi that provides Professional Courses. Skill Boost Training Center’s Medical Coding Training in Abu Dhabi equips you with the essential skill and knowledge that will help you excel in your career.

We provide the best Medical Coding Classes that will help you learn through consistent practice and interactive sessions. Our trainers are experts & Certified in engaging learners and they track learner’s growth periodically.

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